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Friday, 22 October 2010

Weekly Report - October 22, 2010

Today, I woke up late and the market was already closed.  :,(
Anyway, I don't have any plans of selling. I was just happy to see that most of my issues were significantly up today. I was  a little frustrated after being outperformed with the big gain of the PSEi yesterday, 0.50% vs 1.36% but good thing I got a pretty good rebound today.
On a week on week basis, my overall paper gain was up by 1.24%. MBT made a good come back while my ALI seems to continue its down trend. How long shall we still wait for this freakin' REIT? I read somewhere that foreign funds are starting to lose their appetite because of this delay. Same with this PERA law (our local 401k fund), I wonder how many more years before we could benefit from it. It was already signed into a law more than 2 years ago but we're still waiting for that IRR.
Next week, Cebu Pacific will be listed and I'm excited how it will perform.  :) I'm only planning to hold the stock on a short term basis. Yesterday, I tried to post a SLI at 1.95 but it went only to a low of 1.99. I wanted to range-trade it. Gambling in stocks is really tempting and it can't be helped.  :)

Here's my portfolio for week.


  1. Hi! Interesting blog you have here. I found your site via christina hunt's "thoughts of a novice trader". Adding your site to my blogroll if you don't mind. :)

  2. hi Kon, when do you plan to sell your ALI? :) DO you have plans of adding more of your best performing DMC?

  3. @abi thanks for reading my blog and even adding it to your site.. that would be quite fulfilling really :)

    @harley i read some of your informative articles in christinahunt's blogsite & they're really big help in my small world of stock trading here. :)
    as for ALI, i'm willing to hold the stock for a few more months (jst like how i waited for EDC from mar to sep) :) & for DMC/MPI, i'll wait for the outcome of the PPP convention next month to see if i should sell or accumulate further..

  4. thanks for the kind words.

    I don't think you are a small world trader haha! with a highly diversified portfolio you must be managing a huge amount of money hahah! :p

    by the way, good luck on your first IPO. great to see you're doing a very good job on your fund.

  5. what i meant with 'small world' is that i am very alone in stock trading here..i don't hv a single friend or colleague here in uae to talk about anything about stocks so my sort of outlet is writing this blog & reading good articles such as yours, christina, bj, & amorito. :)
    re diversification, being a total newbie, i got a pretty good lesson when my portfolio was composed only of 3 losing stocks fgen, edc, & fph..i guess it's also being a newbie that i'm overdiversified now :))
    and bout my fund, it's just right for an OFW couple who constantly saves and wants to retire early. :)
    thanks,i hope my 1st IPO wont be a traumatic one. :)

  6. Kon!! DMC!! :) I bought last week. :D

  7. yeah... DMC.. sweet.. it breakevens my ALI :))