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Monday, 4 October 2010

Stocks Volatility

Our market was up by more than 70 points today and luckily, all of my issues were up (or that should just be normal for such a market index gain). In just a matter of one trading day, 4 out of my 6 losing stocks for weeks are now in the positive region and just two were left in reds, MBT & VLL. I believe these are strong stocks so I won't mind holding them for months. What I missed today is the rally of SLI when it reached 2.50 which happened between my travel from home to office. I was very willing to sell it at 2.40. Anyway, I made an off-hour order at 2.50. If it won't get executed, I will sell it on whatever price above 2.30 when I wake up (that would be around 10:15am Phil time). I am bearish on the stock because I don't want to be a speculative-type anymore. I want to be more of an investor rather than a gambler.  :-)
Here's the status of my portfolio as at end of October 4, 2010 trading day.

I intentionally changed the color/format to put distinction from my weekly report.   =)

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