An OFW who have a very limited access of information on PSE-listed companies can profitably trade/invest in the Philippine stock market.

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The blogger is an OFW in the UAE waking up 10 minutes early to do his everyday trading. :)

Put Thoughts Into Action

A lot of us are saying or thinking “I want to be rich”, “I want to be financially independent”, “I want to go home for good and build a business there” etc. There’s no harm in doing so, actually it’s good to have that kind of motivation. But the question really is “HOW DO I START?”. It’s like the story of the three frogs sitting in a lily and two of them decided to jump but at the end of the day, the three frogs are still there because the two just decided to jump but didn’t actually do it. The same thing applies to us where all of us want to be rich but we don’t act like we really do. That is mainly because of fear and laziness to go out of our current comfort zone. If our jobs are giving us a steady flow of money, why should we bother do something different and risk our current financial ‘stability’? But wouldn’t it be better that we have the same steady flow of money without having that job? Wouldn’t it be more of a risk that we could lose that job anytime? Well, bottom line is, unless you put something into action, your willingness to be financially independent is not different from someone who wishes to win a lottery who haven’t even made a bet.