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Monday, 22 November 2010

Island in the Sun

Hep hep...
Hep hep... And we're on a holiday..   ^_^ 

Woohooo! We are to have our vacation in a few days' time and we're just sooo excited! I rarely work at site and I wasn't even minding the stock market at its trading hours. For the meantime, I want to get stock trading out of my system during this short vacation and do nothing but enjoy. Tomorrow, I'll buy anything on that spare cash, be 100% invested, and try to forget the market to as much as I can. I'll probably buy NIKL or add more AGI.

Man, I hate seeing that two-digit paper loss on ALI...

Friday, 19 November 2010

Weekly Report - November 19, 2010






My overall paper gain is back to positive... Hoooray!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Weekly Report - November 12, 2010

Do you know these woodland critters?
They are the cute, innocent-looking but cruel critters in South Park led by that cuddly bear in the right who has super powers to protect the son of satan. While viewing all the bloodshed that happened the past few days in the stock market, I knew that only such a bear is capable of doing such so he should be the one responsible of slaughtering all the bulls. He may have raped them as well.
That South Park episode happily ended when Santa came, armed with his shot gun, killed all the woodland critters just before the Christmas eve.
Will our episode end the same way? Santa, please come and save us again and kill this bear and make us happy before Christmas! =)

Well, everybody is talking about this bloodshed. I for one, being an aggressive buyer on dips and not using stop loss or trailing stops, lost a pretty good sum of money. If I'll scale the profit (realized) I earned from August 'til end of October to Php100, my paper profit was around Php11 before this correction. As of today, I'm already having a paper loss of Php25. So from Php111, I'm now down to Php75.
Let's just pray that this week is the end of this bloodshed. The index already touched its 50-day MA and is already in the stochastic's oversold region. 
Here's my bloody portfolio for the week:

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


If the red tide is the headline in our common news, the red bloodbath in our market is just analogous in the investing world. Since November 4's 4,397 close, our market dropped by 199.73 points or -4.54% in just a matter of few days. Being a total newbie, this is the first time I saw the market drop to such an extent. Since I still believe that our market is still bullish in general, I categorize this situation as an opportunity for bargain hunts rather than a reason for a panic and sell all my holdings while still at profit. As a matter of fact, I bought back my old high flyers and I'm 88% invested now. If I get 100% invested, I guess I don't have to wake up 10 minutes early daily to find such opportunities.  :-)  My strategy might be risky because it is also highly probable that the market could go down further, but if it does, then maybe we'll just inject additional funds from our active income and wait for the prices to go back. Anyway, being in our 20's, there is still a decade or two for us to wait so there should be less risk.  :-)

Here's my current portfolio. I got a little overexcited so I bought stocks a bit early. ^_^ 

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Weekly Report - November 5, 2010

This week, I have significantly reduced my holdings due to profit taking as narrated in my November 2 diary. I also sold my CEB at a loss because of fear which I later regretted because I was able to tolerate a paper loss of 10% in my ALI and EDC but I immediately panicked in my CEB when it was just -7%. Perhaps I should set a certain percentage of loss on a position before I mechanically decide to sell at given ranges of ratios in my portfolio...

Here's my portfolio at the end of the week.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Ctrl + Z

After my selling galore last Tuesday, most of the stocks I sold (with the exception of TEL) moved up further yesterday and today. :,(  I locked my profits but I virtually lost money. And what's worse? When I reached the site yesterday, I saw CEB bottomed to 116 and I was suppose to have a stop loss at 120. I panicked so I immediately sold it at that instant at its bid price of 117.70 for it to go back again to 122.40 today. :((   So my first IPO didn't go that well. It was my second completed buy and sell where I incurred a loss (first was GMA7 last August). Well, nobody have that crystal ball to know where the prices will be heading and stock trading is a purely mechanical and non-emotional activity (let the defense mechanism work ϋ). Being 50% invested only, I'm back on standby again for a major correction. As of this writing, DOW is up by 166 (+1.48%) points due to the fed's QE2. As far as I know, DOW WAS highly correlated to our market, until having its own life recently. So the question is if our market will rally as well due to this or it will decouple since funds will be brought back to the big market.

My portfolio update:

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Harvest Day

My greed just got satisfied today. I booked my profits on DMC, MBT, MEG, MPI, and TEL.  :-)  I don't know yet how much money I made because I did all the trades here at site. EDC is the only performing stock I kept for now because I still view that stock as long-term. Hopefully, FLI will also break its tough 1.44 resistance this week and be my next wonder stock, together with my other property stocks. As for CEB, I guess I will give it up to P120 and set my stop-loss there.

Again, there's a stupid hole in the PSEi's intraday value. I checked Citisec's data and if the info is correct, it should be TEL (low is 2,424) from broker 102.

Citisec is lazy enough not to post the PM report for the day again. But to wrap it up, PSEi is up by 73 points at 4,341.75 led by MBT, MEG, and AGI and foreigners are net buyers again for the seventh straight day as they acquired Php368M worth of shares.

Here's my portfolio before I sold my positions:

Here's my current portfolio: