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Monday, 18 October 2010

Update - October 18, 2010

I was just observing the prices in my watch list 15 minutes before the closing. Out of 25 issues in my list, only 3 are green (positive). I wonder what's that little 'hole' in the PSEi at around 11am... I hope anyone can shed some light here..

Anyway, here's the current composition of my portfolio. I already added Cebu Pacific since Citisec already debited my account on the few shares I purchased. If you're wondering why my average price is 126, that's because it includes the sell charge assuming that it's trading at Php125 and I sell it at that price. If you're also wondering why my effective annual return is very volatile even with slight changes in my portfolio, that's because my fund is very young. :-) 
Check out my computation here.


  1. Hey Kon! That hole is caused by a freak selling of ALI by JP Morgan at 16. Seems like its an error.

  2. oh.. i see... thanks for that info..
    what's with ALI at bat lagi na lang siya?? :))

  3. Oo nga eh! ALI din nga dati diba. Hahaha! Favorite ata ng mga foreigners. :))