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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Finally, an E-Life Connection =)

'E-Life' is the FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) product/service of Etisalat, the local mobile operator here in UAE. Literally, FTTH is a (not so) new technology that connects your home directly to a single-mode fiber optic instead of the usual copper of DSL. In short, it's a super speed internet connection.

After more than a year of application (yes, I first applied for this service April of last year and this has been my third application), I finally got my connection this morning! Well, that's how monopoly works but, WOOHOOO! I was sooo deprived of downloading because my previous internet connection was data-metered which means I have a certain limit of data download per month (mine was 5GB at AED295/mo., ~Php3,500 - quite pricey but then again, that's how monopoly works) plus the connection is so slow and the ping response is very poor which means that aggressive monsters on online games will easily kill your helpless avatar because of lag and you will destroy a good game of DoTA in Garena by suddenly getting lost. Finally, I can watch Bleach, One Piece, and Naruto episodes again instead of just reading the manga, I can download all the Simpsons episodes, my incomplete SouthPark seasons and all the series and movies I want, I can play a pretty responsive DoTA Garena with my cousins in the Philippines, I can revive my assassin in pRO Valhalla, I can connect my PS3 to the PlayStation network and more. I was so excited that I can't concentrate in my work site.  =)

Well, what am I getting at? Ummm.. Nothing.. Since this is a diary, I just wanted express what I feel.  =) 
These are actually things that I'm trying to imply. First, I want to show that I am a very usual guy who does typically immature stuff but still, I am profitably trading in the stock market with my not-so-broad knowledge. Second, I want to express that something in me worries me that I will get pretty occupied with all of these things that I won't find reading about the stock market interesting anymore. For the meantime, maybe I would just ask Kan to do the stocks homeworks while I'm getting rid of this excitement 'til magsawa ako.  :)

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  1. Weee!! I can download Glee and watch all the episodes na!!
    Stocks.. Ano yun? Hehehe.. Kaya mo yan.. multi-tasking!! :)