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Monday, 11 October 2010

My First IPO Subscription

I have been reading a lot about Cebu Pacific's initial public offering (IPO) lately, and I guess around 80% of the comments and blogs I read say that its IPO price of Php125/share is quite expensive. 10x P/BV, 22 P/E2010, etc. Well, I don't care.   :-)  As a newbie, this is the first major IPO so I want to be a part of it. I just bought a few shares equivalent to 2.5% of my total portfolio so it doesn't really matter.  :) 

Today, I bought a few GMA7 on a rating-speculation play at 7.46 (I'm obviously a Citiseconline client). My property sector dropped sharply also today making all my property stocks (as in all) in reds. ALI just can't settle in the 18-level...
DMC continues it strength even with our market being down by 18 points. I also noticed AT, my old speculative stock surge today (no regrets!). 
Anyway, here's my portfolio of the day. I will not include Cebu Pacific yet 'til its listing on October 26.

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