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Friday, 15 October 2010

Weekly Report - October 15, 2010

It has been a hectic week for me at work so I just had a little time to peek the market. All I did this week is buy GMA7 and MBT and subscripe a few shares of Cebu Pacific's IPO. Tuesday's major correction was supposedly a good time to hunt bargains but unfortunately, because of fear, I wasn't able to buy anything. I shouldn't have been 'barat' when I posted a PNB at 60. Properties were a little battered this week before the strong rebound yesterday. MEG was the best stock for me this week after it reported a pretty good sales. As for MBT, I did not expect that a news of a stock rights offer can dilute its value to as much as 9.4%. I still believe on the strength of this stock so a took a little more shares at 69. 
Anyway, here's the status of my portfolio this week.


  1. ^_^
    TP at 8.50.. :)
    oh btw, thanks for putting my link in your blog. got several traffic sources from it.. :)

    also, im still wonderin' how this nuffnang works.. :))

  2. Sure, no problem. :) 8.50 lang?? :P Hahaha!

    Ah, nuffnang. It took a while for my ads to show up. Anyway, it's no so profitable using Nuffnang. I think I've earned only 40 pesos in all. I heard Google Ads are better. 20 pesos per click?

  3. lol 40 pesos, that's ridiculous :))
    let's jst blog for fun. ^_^