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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Weekly Report - November 12, 2010

Do you know these woodland critters?
They are the cute, innocent-looking but cruel critters in South Park led by that cuddly bear in the right who has super powers to protect the son of satan. While viewing all the bloodshed that happened the past few days in the stock market, I knew that only such a bear is capable of doing such so he should be the one responsible of slaughtering all the bulls. He may have raped them as well.
That South Park episode happily ended when Santa came, armed with his shot gun, killed all the woodland critters just before the Christmas eve.
Will our episode end the same way? Santa, please come and save us again and kill this bear and make us happy before Christmas! =)

Well, everybody is talking about this bloodshed. I for one, being an aggressive buyer on dips and not using stop loss or trailing stops, lost a pretty good sum of money. If I'll scale the profit (realized) I earned from August 'til end of October to Php100, my paper profit was around Php11 before this correction. As of today, I'm already having a paper loss of Php25. So from Php111, I'm now down to Php75.
Let's just pray that this week is the end of this bloodshed. The index already touched its 50-day MA and is already in the stochastic's oversold region. 
Here's my bloody portfolio for the week:

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