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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Harvest Day

My greed just got satisfied today. I booked my profits on DMC, MBT, MEG, MPI, and TEL.  :-)  I don't know yet how much money I made because I did all the trades here at site. EDC is the only performing stock I kept for now because I still view that stock as long-term. Hopefully, FLI will also break its tough 1.44 resistance this week and be my next wonder stock, together with my other property stocks. As for CEB, I guess I will give it up to P120 and set my stop-loss there.

Again, there's a stupid hole in the PSEi's intraday value. I checked Citisec's data and if the info is correct, it should be TEL (low is 2,424) from broker 102.

Citisec is lazy enough not to post the PM report for the day again. But to wrap it up, PSEi is up by 73 points at 4,341.75 led by MBT, MEG, and AGI and foreigners are net buyers again for the seventh straight day as they acquired Php368M worth of shares.

Here's my portfolio before I sold my positions:

Here's my current portfolio:


  1. Wow!! I can smell the aroma of early retirement.. :)

  2. it's still sooooooooooo early to claim success.. swerte lang cz bull run ang market.. :-p