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Wednesday, 10 November 2010


If the red tide is the headline in our common news, the red bloodbath in our market is just analogous in the investing world. Since November 4's 4,397 close, our market dropped by 199.73 points or -4.54% in just a matter of few days. Being a total newbie, this is the first time I saw the market drop to such an extent. Since I still believe that our market is still bullish in general, I categorize this situation as an opportunity for bargain hunts rather than a reason for a panic and sell all my holdings while still at profit. As a matter of fact, I bought back my old high flyers and I'm 88% invested now. If I get 100% invested, I guess I don't have to wake up 10 minutes early daily to find such opportunities.  :-)  My strategy might be risky because it is also highly probable that the market could go down further, but if it does, then maybe we'll just inject additional funds from our active income and wait for the prices to go back. Anyway, being in our 20's, there is still a decade or two for us to wait so there should be less risk.  :-)

Here's my current portfolio. I got a little overexcited so I bought stocks a bit early. ^_^ 


  1. It's been a tough week. Nothing but Reds so far!

  2. indeed... hopefully, our market will end its 'monthly period' (gross!) tomorrow.. =))