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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Ctrl + Z

After my selling galore last Tuesday, most of the stocks I sold (with the exception of TEL) moved up further yesterday and today. :,(  I locked my profits but I virtually lost money. And what's worse? When I reached the site yesterday, I saw CEB bottomed to 116 and I was suppose to have a stop loss at 120. I panicked so I immediately sold it at that instant at its bid price of 117.70 for it to go back again to 122.40 today. :((   So my first IPO didn't go that well. It was my second completed buy and sell where I incurred a loss (first was GMA7 last August). Well, nobody have that crystal ball to know where the prices will be heading and stock trading is a purely mechanical and non-emotional activity (let the defense mechanism work ϋ). Being 50% invested only, I'm back on standby again for a major correction. As of this writing, DOW is up by 166 (+1.48%) points due to the fed's QE2. As far as I know, DOW WAS highly correlated to our market, until having its own life recently. So the question is if our market will rally as well due to this or it will decouple since funds will be brought back to the big market.

My portfolio update:


  1. Can I suggest a buy more on VLL? You only have 6% of it. Maybe you can load up. I like the chart. I think it still has some gas in it. The way I see it, it is just resting before continuing higher. :) Just my two cents.

    PD: I have VLL too.

  2. hmmm... i did.. i 'chickenly'added 2% to it.. :)) but it was a little early though.. :)