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Monday, 13 September 2010


Wheeww! PSEi at 3,972.60!

In spite of being over bought last week, it continues to be "over" overbought. Happy with my profits, I reduced some of my positions again, thus reducing my holdings to 35% (and still waiting for a major correction). I sold most of my EDCs at 5.40 and bought some ALIs at 18.34 when I left home only to find out that they closed at 5.50 and 18.14, respectively, when I reached the office. Well, there are no regrets as I'm satisfied with my profits and it's one of my main rule to be mechanical and not emotional on any of my trade decisions.  :-)  My profits are now at 51.6% effective annual rate.

For those who are playing DoTA, I guess all will agree that our market is simply UNSTOPPABLE.

Will it reach the GODLIKE state at 5,000 level? I'm keeping my fingers crossed...   :-)

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