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Thursday, 16 September 2010

It's the "In"

The past two days, I'm in a scenario where all works at site were urgent and I'm limited to 3 MB of data per day at home (this 3MB is equivalent to a 15-minute access on Citisec and a couple of blogs). My application for a fibre optic connection is pending for almost a month now. Well, combine that with a non-cooperative office and knowing that the market is still bullish while having 70% cash on hand with something inside me that I should buy something and not to be left by the rapidly rising market, I bought some stocks at pure speculation. Sumabay lang sa uso..  :-)   My first mining stocks, PX and AT, were both bought at 13 something while I got DGTL at 1.57. I shouldn't have been a kuripot when I tried buying this stock when it was around 1.39 to 1.42 (it's really difficult to be a true emotionless ninja in stock trading). If EDC, FGEN, and MPI corrects further tomorrow, I would probably buy back some.

I still got 41% cash to spare.

My effective annual return lowered to 48%.

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