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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Happy New Year!

We just had a great holiday vacation in the Philippines and we came back just a few days ago. We rarely access the net to check our stocks because all we do is eat, travel, shop, eat again, drink, etc. But on that vacation, we allotted a day to open FAMI equity and balanced funds and a First Metro Sec. online trading account. Actually, our main purpose is to share the researches of the two online brokerage firms (the other being Citisec), but we got a little bit disappointed. Our second purpose is for us to our have separate accounts (me and my wife) and compete with each other's gain or loss by the end of the year.

Our stocks got pretty battered. I was able to buy the peaks last November... I chased prices because I thought our market was still trending up. I read somewhere that it's the common newbie mistake - not knowing how to exit a bull market. 

I sold all my EDCs last month at an average of 5.85 and now my portfolio is mainly composed of, guess what...........   PROPERTIES!  :,(

I'm still shy to post my holdings for now because it's down by 10.4%.  :))
If I don't have my day job and other investments, this would be really stressful. 

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