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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Weekly Report - December 3, 2010

My portfolio is still bloody in spite of the 3-day rally of our market because I chased prices in the earlier phase of the big correction. And when I was 100% invested, the market was going down further and there's nothing I can do but watch. Surely, lesson is learned but I was not that worried because of some reasons. First, since there is a slight inverse correlation between our stock market and the US dollar, I'm a bit hedged by the forex because I am sending the equivalent amount of my portfolio to our peso account. Second, the lower the market is, the lower the units will be on an equity mutual fund, which we are planning to open this time on FAMI. 

Here's my portfolio as of Friday's close. 


  1. Good luck on your trades, bro. How do you manage to track all 11 stocks? Pretty good year based on your annual return. Kudos! =)

    - TC

  2. ummm.. i just buy and buy and if the stock goes down, i'll just forget about it. my defence mechanism will tell me that it's okay... :)

    well, honestly i have to learn a lot here.