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Wednesday, 30 March 2011


It's been a long time since I've last checked my blog. I just find writing about stocks alone is boring, especially on such a market where there have been not that much action lately, except of course on the recent deal of the year between JGS and TEL. Also, I'm not that educated well about stocks so I can't write really that much either (though that was really what I'm pointing out in this blog - that you can invest in the stock market even with minimal education about it). If you seasonally trade like once a month and you don't check the market on a daily basis, that should be fine. But if it became your habit to look on the stock quotations everyday, I guess it can't be helped but seek for more info and education.

Me and my wife had decided to go home for at least a year to relax and ponder a bit. In that span of time, we have already planned some financial trainings and probably a MBA for her. We will also explore the possibility of entering into entrepreneurship in our area and survey aqua and agricultural feasibleness (investors are welcome  ^_^ ).
In line to that, I might just change my blogsite to a more hybrid one. I, for one is a jack of all trades but a master of none.  :-)  I have a lot of things in mind about astronomy, particle physics, religion, politics, photography, cooking, educational systems, gadgets, softwares, mathematics, games, construction & engineering, basketball, and the cultures I encoutered here in UAE. I might also write about our (mis)adventures on the entrepreneurship stuffs we are planning and post the financials for the benefit of others (not for my bragging).
Oh, and by the way, my stocks are still down by around 10%. But including my realized gains, I'm still up by around 14% p.a. effectively. EFFECTIVELY - not YOY or YTD.

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